This feel-good version of Kobe Bryant is being phony

Kobe Bryant has built a career around being a heartless assassin on the court. He wasn’t about making friends, he was about winning rings.

But this season has felt different. He knows his career is coming to an end so he’s softened as opposing teams have made video tributes to the man who once tormented them.

Colin Cowherd feels this version of the Black Mamba is not the one he grew to love and said as much on "The Herd" on Monday.

"This whole new Kobe thing, like he’s LeBron’s buddy and everybody’s buddy and he’s all in, is the exact opposite of what Kobe has been his entire career," Cowherd said in the video above. "And I have a hard time buying it."

The farewell tour and the Lakers current dire situation have definitely stripped away the win-at-all-costs demeanor Kobe wore as a badge of honor. This is a side of the Lakers superstar many fans haven’t seen, letting them know he’s more than just a cold-blooded killer on the court.