This Kobe photo puts AD’s historic 59 points in perspective

On Sunday, Anthony Davis scored 59 points, grabbed 20 rebounds and reminded the basketball universe that someday soon he will be their King. 

Just strictly looking at that point total alone, Davis is in rarified air:

Welcome to the club! #ThisIsWhyWePlay

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Okay, so, the big takeaway from this photo? Kobe Bryant got buckets. Carmelo Anthony was widely regarded as the best offensive player in the NBA throughout his prime. LeBron James (somehow, someway) only passed the 59-point mark once in his career. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden and Russell Westbrook aren’t even on the list!

And Kobe cracks it more times than Carmelo, LeBron, Davis and every other active player in the NBA combined. This might be the most remarkable takeaway from his Hall of Fame career: Nobody has ever made scoring look so simple.


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