Watch Jordan Clarkson do his imitation of Kobe’s signature shot

If you're asked to close your eyes and imagine the one shot that defines Kobe Bryant's career, there's a decent chance you'll land on his signature shot from the block. Back to the basket, with a defender's arm in his lower back, Kobe fakes once, twice. A pump-fake or two follows. Finally, he leans into a fadeaway toward the baseline that's essentially unblockable by anyone who'd realistically be defending him

It's been the bread and butter for the Los Angeles Lakers' future Hall of Famer for as long as he's been in the league, a shot that he likely emulated from Michael Jordan. And now, Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson is giving the classic fadeaway a go with a Bryant imitation:

It's the unnecessary number of pump fakes against an invisible defender that really makes Clarkson's version of Bryant's shot. Without them, this would merely be a player practicing his looks and footwork. With the pump fakes, it's an homage to greatness — and maybe one that pokes a little fun, too.

(h/t Lakers Nation)