Paul George knows why he beat Kobe Bryant: ‘He is old’

George adores Kobe, but refused to go easy on him.

Towards the end of Monday night’s game between the Lakers and Pacers, Paul George had Kobe Bryant’s number. The 25-year-old All-Star repeatedly got wherever he wanted, and the aging Bryant was helpless to create any resistance. 

Afterward, George gave a perfect and succinct explanation as to how he made it all look so easy:

George finished with 21 points but needed 18 shots to get there. Far from his most efficient performance of the season, there’s a slight chance Indiana’s franchise player needed to work through some early-game jitters before he could shine in the fourth. That’s what playing against your childhood hero will do:

The Pacers won by two, but trailed by four with 1:26 to go when George decided to torch the Lakers. He immediately drew a foul behind the 3-point line, made each free throw then blew past Kobe for the go-ahead layup on the follow possession. 

It was a merciless performance. Bryant must be proud.