LeBron plans to frame photo of him and Kobe going one on one

It's two of the 10 best players in NBA history staring each other down, what could be better?
Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant will never square off in the NBA Finals. That’s OK. Instead, basketball fans everywhere had to "settle" for this single awesome moment during Sunday night’s All-Star Game.

Legendary!! Getting this framed for the crib. #ThankYouMamba

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In what otherwise was a relatively mundane exhibition (as mundane as any event that features 24 of the world’s best basketball players can be), this moment between Kobe and LeBron was special. 

James slapped the floor and the two all-time legends went at it one last time. 

It made great theatre, and brought out the giddy fan in James, who actually logged fewer minutes than the 37-year-old Mamba. 

And this wasn’t the only snapshot LeBron chose to highlight from the evening. Good pal, and Toronto hero, Drake introduced the game’s starters in a special sequence beforehand, and for Cleveland’s own superhero he decided to "crown" King James.

The East lost badly, but that hardly matters. This game is all about the creation of unbelievable memories, and LeBron was lucky enough to take part in a few he’ll never forget.