Knicks Trade Rumors: Phil Jackson Has High Asking Price For Carmelo Anthony

The Boston Celtics are interested in trading for Carmelo Anthony, but feel New York Knicks team president Phil Jackson is asking for too much in return.

In the wake of rumors that the Los Angeles Clippers wouldn’t trade a star for Carmelo Anthony, many feared that Phil Jackson would simply dump his franchise player off on another team. Anthony may be 32 years of age, but he still has trade value.

The latest development in the Carmelo Anthony Trade Saga implies that Jackson may be asking for more than previously expected.

Reports recent surfaced that Los Angeles is unwilling to trade one of Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, or J.J. Redick to pair Anthony with Chris Paul. New York remained engaged in conversations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s willing to accept an underwhelming return.

According to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald, the reason the Celtics have been unwilling to engage the Knicks in trade talks is because of how high the asking price is.

But the C’s do have interest in Anthony for themselves, as well. They have for a long time.

According to multiple sources, there have been, as of the weekend, no formal trade talks between the Celts and New York, but that was largely because the Knicks are believed to be asking a Melo’s ransom for the star.

At this stage of the season, that’s an encouraging sign for the Knicks.

It’s possible that New York asked for an underwhelming package that Boston deemed too costly to agree to. It’s more likely that Jackson has requested a significant return that the Celtics fear would prevent the immediate realization of their championship aspirations.

That could mean Jackson is asking for core players such as Avery Bradley or Jae Crowder.

It could also mean that Jackson is building towards the future wants Boston to part ways with the rights to the Brooklyn Nets’ 2017 first-round draft pick.

Brooklyn currently has the worst record in the NBA, which means it will have the best odds of securing the No .1 overall draft pick. The 2017 draft class is one of the deepest in recent memory, which includes superstar potential at the top.

Thus, if New York is going to trade Anthony, it appears as though they’ll ask for a return that does more than temporarily stops the bleeding.

If nothing else, one can rest easy knowing that Phil Jackson is attempting to net the New York Knicks a strong return for Carmelo Anthony.

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