Lakers star blocks Kim K’s plans?

Dwight Howard has led the league in blocked shots twice during his NBA career, but his latest rejection came off the court, at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, where the Lakers center reportedly blocked Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s request for a celebrity suite to deliver their first child.

According to TMZ, who always seems to know these things, Kardashian had apparently made arrangements to have a fancy private suite at the medical facility. But when she arrived at the hospital on Saturday, five weeks shy of her due date, the reality star found they were all occupied.

One of the rooms’ occupants? Per TMZ, “while Kim was laid out in bed, Kanye roamed the maternity ward . . . and bumped into NBA superstar Dwight Howard, whose lady was giving birth to his child.”

Also: “We’re told Kanye and Dwight got along great . . . with Yeezy giving Howard a preview of his new album ‘Yeezus.’ ” Of course, we know Kanye is a sports fan, so that makes sense.

Anyway, Howard’s baby-fathering exploits have been a source of tabloid fodder for much of his NBA career, though Howard has only admitted publicly to having one son.

It’s certainly Howard’s right to keep private about those sort of matters — especially if he’s taking care of the children he has — but hanging out with Yeezy in the maternity ward of a hospital probably won’t help when it comes to keeping his baby mama drama out of the spotlight.