‘I blacked out’: Kevin Love likens Game 7 stop on Stephen Curry to Will Ferrell, Old School

Ezra Shaw

Kevin Love has a fitting analogy for his famous Game 7 stop on Stephen Curry.

The Cavs’ power forward—the type of player Curry is known for breaking down off the dribble—was forced to switch onto Curry in the final minute of a close game, a critical possession. But Love came up with a huge stop, helping seal a title for Cleveland. 

In Lee Jenkins’s latest feature for The Crossover (The Biggest Stop Of Kevin Love's Life Wasn't This One), Love revisited the pivotal Finals moment, as well as a famous joke from the 2003 comedy Old School.

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The unanimous MVP started left, dribbled behind his back, and probed right. He threw a crossover and a step-back, the moves that singed defenders all season. “It was like in Old School when Will Ferrell is on the debate team,” Love laughs. “‘What happened? I blacked out!’ ” He stayed on Curry’s hip, his hands up and his feet down. Curry passed to Green, who passed back.

The rest is history.

Here’s the (G-rated) moment from the R-rated movie, for reference.

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