Lil B lifts curse on Kevin Durant after he announces decision to join Warriors

The Golden State Warriors could not have had a better July 4th. Former NBA MVP Kevin Durant announced he’s coming to Oakland this season to play alongside Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, and in what is arguably an even more shocking development, Lil B has lifted the Based God’s Curse on Durant.

A team led by Durant and Curry was poised to be the curse’s ultimate test. Back in 2011, Durant dissed rapper Lil B on Twitter, and Lil B responded by cursing Durant and promising – through an entity known as the Based God – that Durant would never win an NBA title. 

Whether or not you believe in the curse, Durant hasn’t won a title since then despite a trip to the Finals the following year. Now he’s on a superteam so stacked that could be remembered as the greatest collective failure in the history of sports if they don’t win a title – but Lil B tweeted Monday that Durant is now free to win championships. 

The obvious expanation here is that Lil B is well aware that Durant is now in a position where he’s expected to win a title, and he’s trying to protect the power of the curse. This could, in turn, mean that the curse is eligible to jump to another player, as it temporarily did in 2015 with James Harden. Whatever you do, NBA players, don’t steal the cooking dance.