J.J. Redick defends the creation of NBA super teams

Let’s start here: there’s no reason for anyone to be still be complaining about Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors. 

It’s done. It happened. And that’s what it’s going to be, regardless of your public profusions of sodium and "built not bought" grandstand-ery. 

But some fans are apparently still upset over Durant committing the crime of exercising his free agent rights. And to those people, J.J. Redick has a message: pound sand, guy.

Indeed, the Los Angeles Clippers guard rose out of the woodwork on Twitter Thursday to defend Durant against accusations of disloyalty and gaming the system.

Redick’s take? The system isn’t broken. You just need a nap.

There it is: a take for the players, by a player. 

Now get off Redick’s lawn before he exercises BOFA rights and this gets ugly. 

Dan is on Twitter. Free agency isn’t free. It costs a hefty luxury fee.