Who took Serge Ibaka’s water?

The Thunder's chemistry is in dire peril after someone stole Serge Ibaka's water. 

Gary A. Vasquez/Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As if the numerous injuries the Oklahoma City Thunder have dealt with all season weren’t enough, they now have to deal with something even worse: treachery. 

After practice yesterday, Serge Ibaka noticed his water was missing. He confronted Kevin Durant, accusing him of taking it. Durant flatly denied the accusation, and you could hear the frustration in his denial. 

We’ll assume that Durant is telling the truth, because the reigning MVP has no reason to steal water. But if he didn’t take Ibaka’s water, then who did? Call in the Scooby gang, because we’ve got a mystery on our hands. 

Let’s run down a list of suspects:

Dion Waiters: Tired of no one passing him the ball and the multiple Vines of him botching layups, maybe Waiters decided to strike back at the team by taking Ibaka’s water. 

Enes Kanter: This could have been an honest mistake. Kanter’s new, so maybe he just didn’t know it was Ibaka’s water. Either way, once he heard Ibaka tear into Durant, maybe he thought it best not to say anything.

Russell Westbrook: In this scenario, the much-reported rivalry between Durant and Westbrook is real. What if Westbrook took the water, knowing Ibaka would go straight for Durant? Could it have all been part of his master plan to ostracize Durant from the rest of the team, forcing him out of town and leaving the Thunder in Westbrook’s hands once and for all. 

Scott Brooks: Coaches get thirsty, too.

Nick Collison: As the elder statesman of the Thunder, it’s possible Collison thought he had rights to anyone’s water, Ibaka’s included. So he took it, without remorse, without second thought. When Ibaka went on a rampage searching for his disappeared water, Collison could have steered him in Durant’s direction. It would be a crafty, veteran move. 

(H/T Dylan Buckingham)