Draymond Green explains how Celtics fans booing Kevin Durant will backfire

Before Kevin Durant turned the Golden State Warriors from record-setting disappointments into the NBA's most-super superteam, he was a free agent taking his time to consider all the options.

Those options included Boston, one of the few teams to earn a meeting with KD this summer. Despite pulling out all the stops — including an appearance from Tom Brady — the Celtics were unable to convince Durant he'd look good in green.

On Friday night, with Durant back in Boston for the first time since joining the Warriors, the Celtics faithful greeted him in typical fashion: a chorus of boos.

Durant responded with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists, as the Warriors beat the Celtics 104-88 (although it's worth pointing out Boston was without several key players).

And if KD's big game weren't enough, Draymond Green had a message for Boston fans following Golden State's win.

“Fans must be desperate. Like, who boos a guy for taking an interview? That's crazy. Y'all booing somebody for interviewing with y'all.

“Man, they may scare free agents away. You don't want to take an interview and then make enemies for taking an interview. I don't know, they may want to be careful with that.

“If you're that mad at what somebody else did with their life, you need to evaluate your own life. He made a personal decision for his life, for his happiness, for his career. And if people that mad, they need to reevaluate where their head is at in life, because I don't know if I can stay that mad at somebody for deciding to do something with their life. That's a slippery slope.”

In their defense, maybe those vocal Celtics fans were just angry that KD took all of their secrets before he fled to California.

For his part, Durant seemed to understand that he's in the entertainment business and the fans are there to see — and participate in — the show:

“There's no hard feelings. I still got love for Boston, I still love playing here.”

See! KD loves playing in Boston — just, you know, not enough to do it 41 times a season.