Durant’s ink shows who’s got his back

A week ago, it seemed Kevin Durant’s image was headed for an all-time low after he went 5 for 21 in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, a game that brought to an end his Oklahoma City Thunder’s season.

But in the wake of Monday’s tragic tornado in Moore, Okla., Durant led the charge of financial support, pledging $1 million to aid victims.

And with critics still barking about his performance on the court, the superstar responded in a very unique — but very NBA — way. See for yourself.

He posted a photo of the tattoo to his Instagram account on Tuesday, with the caption, “All done…James 1:2-4…look it up.”

The tattoo appears to feature a portrait of Jesus adjacent to a bible verse, with an angel holding a basketball overlooking Jesus and the numbers 3 and 5 (he wears 35) flanking Jesus and the verse.

And after taking some heat for apparently having a misspelling in the verse, he even had fun with that, posting another image of the text accompanied by the caption, “I got mature spelled the right way lol.”