Kevin Durant ate at restaurant that denied him

Kevin Durant visited and dined at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse after the Golden State Warriors’ win after they denied his effort to rent the restaurant.

For basketball fans, it doesn’t get much more exciting than the Golden State Warriors’ trip to Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant’s first meeting with his former team was prime must-see TV. The narratives were running wild, before and after the game.

Many of the storylines took place away from the hardwood. In the first two meetings, things like Russell Westbrook’s outfit became big deals. Perhaps in the weirdest turn of events in this rivalry a restaurant took center stage. And, no, cupcakes weren’t involved.

Ahead of the game, ESPN’s Steve Levy tweeted that he heard that Durant had tried to rent out a steakhouse for $40 thousand dollars. An hour and a half later, Durant’s agent, Rich Kleiman, denied it by responding to the tweet with “False.”

Durant, reportedly, wanted to rent out Mahogany Prime Steakhouse. He wanted to get the restaurant for himself and his teammates for after the game. It was a place that he’d been to countless times before, according to ESPN’s Royce Young.

Though the owner didn’t allow him to rent it–even for such a considerable amount of money–Durant still dined there after his team defeated the Thunder. He was there with teammates. ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne managed to get a picture.

Oddly enough, Russell Westbrook, a regular of the steakhouse, was also there. He was in a separate room. The two did not speak.

Durant was rejected and still gave that restaurant his business. While the owner’s denial makes sense, it’s a bold move on KD’s part to still go to that place to eat with some of his new Warriors comrades. The food must be amazing there.

Durant now works and lives in the Bay Area. He no longer resides in Oklahoma City. Even so and even with Westbrook’s presence feet away, it looks like Durant’s the one who does what he wants.

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