Kawhi Leonard continues to find ways to improve his game

There is no doubt who the leader of the San Antonio Spurs team is heading into the future. Kawhi Leonard continues to find ways to improve his game, and its paying off.

Kawhi Leonard is off to an impressive start for the Spurs. Through eight games this season, he has eclipsed the 30+ point mark four times, and is averaging 27.3 points, 5.6 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 2.3 steals per game.

What has contributed to his improvement is not only the hard work that he puts into the offseason but digging deeper into ways that can make him even better.

Leonard, in an interview with ESPN stated that he has went to using strobe lights as a training additive to his workouts.

Strobe lights you say?

Exactly. Strobe lights.

“It’s like the ball is moving in slow motion,” Leonard told ESPN.com . “They affect your perception, which will make you focus more on feel.”

Who would of thought. Usually a flash of light in the eyes will cause one to shut quickly. In this case it has helped Leonard.

He later went on to discuss that it also helps him work on his ball handling skills and boost confidence.

“I used them like once or twice. … Just being able to handle the ball in the games is where you get most of your confidence as far as that goes.”

Leonard is not the only NBA player in today’s game that uses the technique. Golden State Warriors sharp-shooter Steph Curry has taken to the training as well.

Looking back at the Spurs opener against the Warriors, Leonard had the ball in his hands with Andre Iguodala in defensive position staring down on him.

This is where the strobe lights have helped Leonard’s game.

Tom Haberstroh takes us back.

Iguodala swipes at the ball. Ever so calmly, Leonard pulls the ball back to his left hip, goes through his legs another time, stutter-steps, then ends the theatrics by lunging forward with a hard dribble left before pulling up from 20 feet.

As he released, the Spurs bench were already celebrating the basket before the ball went through the net.

Was that the beginning of the new Kawhi Leonard for the Spurs? At 25, he is the sole leader of the team and showed it on one possession.

He carried them to a impressive win to their season. He scored 35 against a team that many already have pegged as being in the Finals.

On that night, Leonard proved his worth and that he is going to be a terror in the NBA this season.

The MJ Elite strobe glasses have played a key role in Leonard’s success thus far. You see the name of the glasses right? MJ as in Michael Jordan.

The best player to ever play the game at one point in his career wanted to train with strobe lights, like from a nightclub his trainer Tim Grover had mentioned to ESPN.

Jordan was no stranger to the “flashes” from photographers that were there to get a shot of his Airness.

If you have watched Jordan in the 90’s the blinding light obliterates the screen repeatedly throughout some of the most televised moments in history.

At it always rose the question, how can a man shoot with all those blinding pulses of light?

What once was a secret has now caught on to some of the younger players in the league in Leonard and Curry.

Question now may be, how many more NBA players will take to this new technology? Though he has only used it once or twice, just imagine what kind of damage Leonard can do if he continues to use the technique.

Scary, isn’t it?

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