You can buy Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s most famous retirement tour gifts

You can zone out in front of your TV just like Kareem.

David Madison/Getty Images

Although his is the latest example, Kobe Bryant is far from the first player to receive an extended retirement tour in the NBA. Fellow Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar set the standard for such goodbyes back when he called it quits in 1989, famously receiving gifts such as a piece of the Celtics’ hardwood.

The most glorious of those gifts to Abdul-Jabbar came from the Charlotte Hornets, who feted the master of the skyhook with a rocking chair to poke fun at his advanced age. And now, if you’re looking to kick back and luxuriate in Hall of Fame style, you too can own that oversized rocker.

Abdul-Jabbar is auctioning off many of his basketball momentos, including the Boston Garden parquet and the aforementioned rocking chair, in order to raise money for his charitable endeavor, The Skyhook Foundation (via Beckett):

The Skyhook Foundation, which takes kids out of the city to experience the outdoors while learning about science, is my main motivation. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to have the kind of successful career that allowed me to collect all these wonderful pieces. However, when I think about how many kids could be attending camp instead of having these pieces sit on shelf, it’s an easy decision.

It’s a nice turn of events for Abdul-Jabbar, who in 2014 was involved in a messy legal dispute over an auction house reportedly trying to sell his memorabilia without his permission. 

So if Abdul-Jabbar’s basketball possessions are up for auction, does that mean he’s selling his cherished Bruce Lee poster, too? Because we could use a little bit of art in the office. Hit us up, Kareem.