Jordan vs. Ali? Kobe vs. Messi? Superstar battles just for laughs

For those of us who dream of impossible battles between stars of different sports and eras, here’s an intriguing one: Michael Jordan vs. Muhammad Ali.

OK, it’s really just comedians Key and Peele impersonating the greats in a rap battle, with Jordan’s wagging tongue matched up against Ali’s legendary boasts. But they’re pretty good impressions, and not half-bad rappers (WARNING: Couple of mild profanities):

Even as fakes, their battle is more entertaining than the one Kobe Bryant has with Lionel Messi in a new Turkish Airlines commercial, which features the Lakers legend and the soccer superstar one-upping each other with a round-the-world selfie shootout.

I guess as battles go, neither comes close to the old Jordan-Bird McDonalds commercial.