Pacers’ Jordan Hill: ‘A lot of people can’t handle’ Kobe Bryant

Now that he’s no longer with the Los Angeles Lakers, newly minted Indiana Pacers player Jordan Hill can share some of his tales from inside Staples Center.

Of course, if you’re asking a former Laker about the Lakers, everyone wants to know about Kobe Bryant. And Hill made it clear that if you’re in Los Angeles, you better get used to hearing from Bryant — all of the time, literally, whenever there is a basketball anywhere near you (via Shane Young of HoopsHabit):

Hill saying that not a lot of players can handle Kobe's jawing, unless you're determined to not let it get under your skin #Lakers #Pacers #NBA

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"When he’s on the floor, all you hear is Kobe’s mouth. On the floor, all you hear is Kobe’s mouth. During practice, it gets loud. A lot of people can’t handle that I guess."

That’s by no means an indictment of Bryant; he’s a leader, and that’s what leaders do. They lead by example, and they lead by yelling at you over and over again.

But you can’t blame Hill if he’s looking forward to a little serenity now that he’s out of Southern California.

(h/t Lakers Nation)