Joel Embiid trash talks Grizzlies on Instagram before preseason game

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Joel Embiid is having an … eventful NBA preseason.

We've yet to play a meaningful game of hoops and Embiid has already changed his name to “The Process” and monster-dunked on the Cavaliers while averaging 7.7 points on 13 minutes a game.

Now, he's back to talking that mess on social media.

ESPN's John Martin spotted a comment left by Embiid on Chandler Parsons' Instagram ahead of Tuesday's preseason game between Philadelphia and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Embiid had a message for Parsons: prepare to get roasted.

Consider it friendly banter.

Embiid and Parsons are at least digital best buds. During Embiid's rookie year, the two somehow ended up trading tips before on the sacred art of direct message sliding.

The 76ers have their work cut out for them now. Even with Embiid flourishing, cooking every single ass on the reloaded Dallas Mavericks roster is a tall task.

Dan is on Twitter. He bets Embiid makes a mean ass frittata.