Fans in Boston serenaded 76ers’ Joel Embiid with ‘Trust the Process’ chants

Joel Embiid is a very talented basketball player — and in Philadelphia, he’s practically a religion as well. That’s what happens when you nickname yourself “The Process” in homage to the 76ers’ former general manager Sam Hinkie, the man who put Philly in position to draft this year’s clear favorite for Rookie of the Year, then back it up with fantastic play on the court.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that a vocal contingent of 76ers fans made their presence known on Friday night during a game against the Celtics. As Embiid stepped to the free-throw line late in the second quarter with the Sixers up 12, chants of “Trust the Process” rang out through the TD Garden:

The journey from Philadelphia to Boston is an easy one; it’s not like this chant broke out at Oracle Arena or somewhere else on the West Coast. Still, for an opposing player — and a rookie at that — to be serenaded by chants in Boston is remarkable, especially given how excited Celtics fans are about their team this year.

Trust the process, indeed.