Lin low-key at club after win

Linsanity struck New York’s downtown party scene following the latest Jeremy Lin-inspired Knicks win, but the man himself could not have been more low-key.

The Harvard-schooled point guard partied in the most modest fashion after helping the team trounce the Sacramento Kings 100-85 at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

In contrast to many ballers’ models-and-bottles antics, Lin’s night out after the game included bringing his parents, having just one Bud Light, avoiding crowds of admiring women, and a paparazzi-free escape.

After Wednesday’s game — attended by stars including Mike Tyson, Mary J. Blige, Whoopi Goldberg and Al Gore — Lin celebrated his dad Gie-Ming Lin’s birthday with his mom, Shirley Lin, at Valbella on West 13th Street.

Sources said the family, along with teammate Landry Fields, ordered "no alcohol," and Jeremy stuck to water with his Dover sole special. But the party did load up on sweets, including a Napoleon birthday cake, chocolate souffle, "lava cake" and creme brulee.

Lin then headed with Fields and Jared Jeffries to hot spot Avenue. Spies said the 6-foot-3 guard, wearing a blue striped shirt and jeans, remained humble and shy. "He danced a little bit, but we did not see him to talk to any girls. He just hung with his teammates and some execs from the team," the sources said.

While the club sent over six bottles of Champagne, sources saw devout Christian Lin "holding the same Bud Light" all night. He seemed shy when any woman tried to catch his eye, or when waitresses brought out the bubbly with a sign that read, "All I Do Is Lin, #17," a play on the DJ Khaled song, "All I Do Is Win."

Lin snuck out a back door with Fields just after 2:00am local time, with Avenue doorkeeper Wass Stevens apparently helping him slip out unnoticed to avoid waiting press cameras.