Is Jeremy Lin getting held back by Kemba Walker?

Jeremy Lin's shooting percentages are at rock bottom right now.
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Jeremy Lin entered the season as Kemba Walker’s backup, and deservedly so. Walker is a better all-around player and he’s having a career year.

But overall, Lin’s struggling, particularly when both guards share the floor. Is there any way to fix this issue? Here’s more on what’s going on in Charlotte, courtesy of Hoops Habit:

The numbers in this piece reflect a clear development: Lin is better with the ball in his hands, surrounded by three-point shooters and a solid pick-and-roll big. Walker is none of those things. He’s also ball-dominant, and can’t really space the floor.

Every major number is noticeably better with Lin being the primary playmaker. When Walker is on the court with him, Lin’s usage rating is 17.8 percent — that number jumps to 27.4 percent when Walker goes to the bench. It’s no surprise that the Hornets are 3.5 points better when Lin is able to steer the proverbial ship. […] one of Lin’s greatest abilities is getting into the paint, putting pressure on the defense with his quickness. Lin is then able to make the decision to kick it out to an open shooter, dump it to an open big or finish near the rim.

These two don’t compliment one another, and it may be a matter of time before one finds himself on a different team.

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