Jeremy Lin is having the most joyful season of his NBA career

Jeremy Lin has never been happier in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin is coming off a miserable year with the Los Angeles Lakers. He never clicked with head coach Byron Scott, and spent an entire season trying to fit into a system that made zero sense for his skill-set. 

But this season, with the Charlotte Hornets, Lin is thriving off the bench as a legitimate playmaker who gets his teammates involved and can score at will. 

Here's more on the turnaround, per The Los Angeles Times:

Lin's per game statistics aren't noticeably better than they were last season, but he's shooting more threes and free throws, and is more involved in the offense. 

It's completely understandable to hear that he's a happier guy where he is compared to where he was. 

After oscillating in and out of the Lakers' lineup last season, Lin has been a steady reserve since signing a two-year, $4.4-million contract with the Charlotte Hornets. Nobody will be bowled over by his stats and he is far removed from his two-month statistical spree with New York, but he seems happy. “I have a lot of people saying, 'Man, you're smiling a lot more on the court.' I am having fun out here,” Lin confirmed Monday after scoring 13 points and adding four assists in the Hornets' 108-98 victory over the Lakers.

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