Jarrett Jack calls out Twitter hate

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ signing of Jarrett Jack for a reported

$25.2 million over four years has been mostly welcomed by the

Cleveland faithful, as Jack provides some bench scoring as well as

the ability to allow Kyrie Irving to play off-ball for extended

amounts of time in smaller lineups.

At least one fan, however, was not so pleased about Jack joining

his favorite team. The fan, who goes by the Twitter handle of

@assad_yousuf, tweeted his displeasure at Jack about the


What Yousuf probably did not expect was a response from the

eight-year NBA vet:

Ouch. You can probably guess what the initials “FOH” mean, and

nobody likes to be told to do that, but being compared to


target="_blank">Steve Urkel in front of Jack’s 68,000 Twitter

followers? That’s probably what stung the most.

Yousuf is pretty new to Twitter, and his tweet to Jarrett Jack

was only his second ever. The morale of the story? Don’t mess with

a guy who can do this: