Jared Dudley apologizes for calling Carmelo Anthony the most overrated player in NBA

The wound Jared Dudley created by calling Carmelo Anthony the most overrated player in the NBA is still fresh, but at least the free-agent-to-be is trying to make amends.

Dudley went on Colin Cowherd’s radio show earlier in the week and made his initial statement about Anthony being overrated.

It didn’t take him long to backtrack, as the Milwaukee Bucks forward-guard took back his words a day later. 

ESPN’s Ian Begley has more:

Dudley appeared on ESPN New York 98.7 FM’s “Hahn & Humpty Show” and apologized for calling Anthony the most overrated player in the league.

“I shouldn’t have said that that was my fault for saying that because it’s not the truth,” Dudley told hosts Alan Hahn and Rick DiPietro. “… I apologize for saying that about Carmelo.

“You get kind of frustrated at times seeing because of him having to make his other guys better and defensively certain things, but for me to say he’s the most overrated that was wrong for me to say. He’s arguably a top 3 or 4 scorer, between him (Kevin Durant) and (Russell Westbrook). But if you see, that’s not enough in this league. If [you’re] a No. 1 guy and you’re a max guy, this is a superstar league, you have to be able to do certain things.”

The bigger issue with Dudley’s statement wasn’t so much that he was knocking another player. Players talk trash or throw shade in another’s way all the time. But it seems that Dudley was just wrong in this instance. 

Though Anthony has been pretty widely criticized for his ball-stopping ways and his inability to win in the postseason while with the Knicks (he did make it to a Western Conference Finals with the Nuggets).

But at least he’s making it right. Now, for what he thinks about Kobe Bryant …