James noticed Tolliver’s spoof of his ‘Decision’

Anthony Tolliver, you’ve been noticed by LeBron James. And

apparently 274,000 other people.

Tolliver spoofed James’ ”The Decision” special announcing his

choice to join the Miami Heat this summer by putting a 68-second

version of his own free-agent decision – Minnesota over Golden

State – on YouTube.

James has taken notice, deadpanning Friday, ”We play Minnesota


The first of those meetings is Tuesday in Miami. James said he

hasn’t seen the video, but was told about its contents.

As of Friday, Tolliver’s video had been viewed 274,506 times,

much of that coming in the first days of its August posting.

Tolliver announces his ”decision” by writing it on a sheet of

notebook paper, then holding it up for the camera.

When told of James’ comments after his Wolves beat the Bucks on

Friday night, the playful Tolliver just chuckled.

”If a light-hearted video like that can get someone’s

attention, so be it,” Tolliver said.

On the Web:

Tolliver video: http://bit.ly/cEzUo9