J.R. Smith wears a t-shirt to promote his own presidential campaign

Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith has been living it up ever since he and his team won the 2016 NBA Championship. As you know by now: He lost his shirt on his way back to Cleveland after the victory, and continued to be shirtless through the Cavaliers parade days later.

President Obama even had something to say about it.

It became a thing that produced a t-shirt of his body to go completely viral.

Fast-forward to Thursday afternoon. J.R. isn’t done taking advantage of the spotlight on his chest. Smith was seen at PGA’s Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament sporting a "J.R. FOR PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF SWISH" t-shirt as he traversed the gallery.

He’s even got his wife wearing his body to the event:

Long story short: It’s J.R. Smith’s world right now. We’re just living in it …