J.J. Redick has an exclamation point emoji to end the DeAndre Jordan saga

Wednesday gave us the best day in basketball Twitter history. Never have emojis been so essential to a breaking news story than during the DeAndre Jordan saga. We got Chandler Parsons planes, Blake Griffin traveling emojis, J.J. Redick cars, Chris Paul banana boats, Mike Woodson swimming men and Paul Pierce screen shots. 

So, after the Clippers officially signed Jordan once the clock struck 12:01 a.m. ET, Redick decided to celebrate with one final emoji.

The reference is to an interview he did on Bleacher Report Radio only a few days prior, when he said he gave the Clippers an F-grade for their offseason because of losing Jordan.

I guess professors can change their grades after all.

(H/t Extra Mustard for the find.)