Isaiah Thomas Outlasts Kyle Lowry

Isaiah Thomas and Kyle Lowry had a memorable showdown in Boston Wednesday night, and it was “The Little Guy” who came out on top.

With both their backcourt counterparts sidelined due to injury, Wednesday night became the Isaiah Thomas vs. Kyle Lowry show at TD Garden. Both played 38 minutes in the game. Lowry scored 32 points, registered five assists, and poured in four threes. Thomas scored 44 points, registered seven assists, and added five threes. Thomas was also 15-16 from the free throw line. He continues to impress the NBA world with his ability to draw contact, but also his ability to finish in the lane with contact.

Thomas continued his greatness in the fourth quarter, scoring 19 of his 44 points in the final frame. Although trailing most of the game, and down by eight going into the fourth, the Boston Celtics were able to outscore the Toronto Raptors 32-19 in the final quarter. Everyone is now well accustomed to the fact that the fourth quarter is IT time.

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When Thomas hits a shot in the fourth now, his teammates and many in the stands look down at their wrists, simulating looking at a watch to signal that it’s Thomas’ time.

“I just did it one game and it kept going,” he said. “I’ve got teammates, the fans, signs, everybody in social media is saying: `You know what time it is.”

Whenever Lowry hit a big shot (especially down the stretch), IT was able to match it with a big shot of his own. Both players are tremendous at the end of games, with IT number one in points in the fourth, and Lowry third.

Thomas now has 30+ points in four of his past five games, including two consecutive 40+ nights. Lowry said of Thomas,

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“You have to trap him and get the ball out of his hands,” Toronto guard Kyle Lowry said. “He got three wide-open looks in the fourth. That can’t happen.”

On an individual level, Isaiah Thomas continues to be must watch TV every time the Celtics play. He has been nothing short of sensational offensively. Just when you think you’ve seen it all from him, he does something new that blows your mind. More importantly, the Celtics have won five games straight, and are now only 2.5 games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for first in the East. The Celtics also found a way to get a win against the Raptors, after falling to them twice in the season prior to Wednesday night.

Although both teams were not fully healthy, this win was huge for the Celtics. You could tell that they wanted this win in the worst way. Not only was IT incredible in the fourth, but the Celtics also managed to hold the Raptors to only 19 points in the final frame. The defense down the stretch was impressive. This was exactly what the Celtics needed.

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