Is LeBron James Purposefully Downplaying the Cleveland Cavaliers?

LeBron James has high praise for the Golden State Warriors, but could their be any strategy in praising the Cleveland Cavaliers’ nemeses this much?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had recent struggles, but is LeBron James strategically downplaying their current success? According to ESPN, James recently said this about the super team Warriors:

“They’re a great team, a hell of a team, probably one of the best teams ever assembled, and they’re going to continue to get better and better as the season goes along,” said James.

The Warriors have a dynamic offense. They score a league-high 117.5 points per game, and they have shot an incredible 56.3% from two-point range. They’re flow has been incredible, but the Warriors have also suffered setbacks including a 19-point fourth quarter lead that they blew to the Memphis Grizzles.

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But, is this team worth such high praise from the King? When LeBron James speaks, the media and most people close to the NBA listen. While being an incredible athlete, James has also been known to be a business man. Would it be just a business thing to rave up his opponents? Be my guest and leave a comment on your opinion.

James should have confidence in his team. His ability to take over the game at any moment still sends crippling fear into the eyes of any opponents, but is it enough to conquer this highly praised team?

With the potential acquisition of another top rotation player, the Cavaliers are set to fly through the East, and the Finals trilogy will be back. Let’s just say that the upcoming three months in the NBA will not be ones to miss.

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