Is Jordan McRae Worth A Flier For The Brooklyn Nets?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have waived guard Jordan McRae. Should the Brooklyn Nets take a flier on him?

In order to make room for the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign veteran center Andrew Bogut, the team has released second year swingman, Jordan McRae. The former Tennessee guard appeared in 37 games for the Cavaliers in the 2016-17 season, averaging 4.4 points per game in just over 10 minutes of play.

So, what could this all mean for Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets? The team recently acquired K.J. McDaniels from the Houston Rockets, who were also looking to clear a roster spot to make a bid for a veteran player in the buyout market. While the Nets are hopeful McDaniels could be a spark off their bench, they know it is imperative to take fliers on young guys whenever made available.

For McRae, the 25 year-old has shown flashes for the Cavaliers over the course of the 2015-16 campaign as well as this season. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given the opportunity to truly develop, as the team’s immediate goal is to acquire veteran talent to surround LeBron James as the Cavs ramp up for another deep playoff push.

When given the opportunity, however, McRae has produced, finding his way within the offense, attacking the rim and proving to be a hustle guy.

Jordan McRae Flashes: 21 points, 7-15 FG, 3 REB, 2 AST vs. CHI

Why does claiming McRae make sense for the Nets? In flashes, McRae has shown to be a savvy guard, attacking basket whenever possible, and showing potential to finish in traffic. In speaking with Cleveland Cavaliers beat-writer Zack Geoghegan, he had this to say about McRae’s stint with the team:

“McRae’s strongest asset is that he’s an excellent scorer. He’s not necessarily a great ball handler or penetrator – he tends to get stuck when driving towards the basket and second-guesses himself way too much.”

In addition, while the Nets have found some gems with rookies Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead, we can attribute that to the new regime’s commitment to player development under head coach Kenny Atkinson and his staff.

Jordan McRae Flashes Pt. II: 20 points, 8-12 FG, 4 REB @ CHA

Once again, McRae proves he’s capable of filling up the box score when given extended minutes. For a team with only 14 players on the roster, the Nets wouldn’t even have to waive anyone to make room for him.

While the Nets are still recovering from the 2013 trade with the Boston Celtics, Marks and Company have to find every opportunity to catch lightning in a bottle, and it could be with Jordan McRae and his scoring capabilities.

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