Talking about acting: Paul George says he’d go Hollywood to be in ‘Space Jam 2’

If you want to see Indiana Pacers star Paul George up on the big screen, then you’re going to need to start a fundraising drive for "Space Jam 2." Otherwise, a remake of "Eddie" with Whoopi Goldberg isn’t going to cut it.

TMZ recently caught up with George, and the first question was naturally about how his leg is feeling. The Pacers wing put Indiana fans at ease by confirming that he’s doing just fine, health-wise, before the conversation turned to entertainment. George was asked which basketball movie holds the most sway among NBA players, and he wisely answered that it depends on taste — although he did nominate two films as above the rest in "Hoosiers" and "He Got Game."

So what would it take for George to get his basketball acting on? Nothing short of a sequel to the Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny cinematic classic, of course.

The imaginary studio executives working hard on this nonexistent project might have LeBron James in mind for the lead role, but it sounds like George is ready, willing and able to play the part. All they have to do is ask.