Larry Bird doesn’t seem too committed to bringing back Frank Vogel

Will Larry Bird tweak the roster or go in a different direction at head coach?

Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images

The Indiana Pacers season came to an abrupt end Sunday in their narrow Game 7 loss to the Raptors. And judging from the noncommittal comments coming from Pacers president Larry Bird, it sounds like head coach Frank Vogel isn’t a slam dunk to return for his seventh season.

"It’s no secret –€“ I want us to score more points," Bird told the Indianapolis Star on Monday.

So does that mean Bird wants to tweak the roster, adding more players who fit an up-tempo system — or is changing coaches the answer? Bird told the outlet that he’s trying to schedule a meeting with owner Herb Simon to reach a final decision.

"He’s busy, so it could be a week or it could be tomorrow," Bird said. "What I don’t want to do is leave Frank hanging — there’s other jobs out there he could get."

That does not remotely sound like a vote of confidence. So are Vogel’s days numbered in Indy? If so, the Rockets, Kings or Knicks probably would want to interview the veteran coach. Vogel, whose contract expired once the Pacers season ended, has got a 431-250 record in six seasons as the Pacers head coach, leading them to the postseason five times.