Pacers’ Vogel used to fall asleep watching ‘Hoosiers’ every night in college

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel has had ties to Indiana for much longer than eight years, when he joined the Pacers as an assistant coach in 2007.

In a recent interview with Nick Friedell of, Vogel discussed his time as a student at the University of Kentucky in the mid-90s, where he was obsessed with one aspect of The Hoosier State:

Vogel was also asked about what it’s like for him working with an NBA legend like Larry Bird on a daily basis, and he said he’s still getting used to it:

It's the little things in life.

Friedell: Is it true that you used to fall asleep watching Hoosiers every night in college?

Vogel: Oh yeah. I used to put it in — some people fall asleep watching TV. When I was in college, I'd put that movie in and I'd watch it til I fell asleep.

Friedell: Who is the Jimmy Chitwood of the NBA?

Vogel: Paul George, of course.

Friedell: He's got that stroke?

Vogel: Yeah, you'll see it. He's going to be in uniform this year.

Friedell: If Paul is the Jimmy Chitwood of the NBA, then who is the Norman Dale?

Vogel: It has to be me.

Friedell: Are there still times when you look over and say, “Wow, I'm working for Larry Bird?”

Vogel: All the time. It still hits me. He's one of the all-time greats, obviously. I'm just lucky to be working with him.

Friedell: Do your buddies from home still give you grief about getting to work with him?

Vogel: I told my brother on the phone the other day that I got to call Larry quick. And he goes: “Oh, well that's great. I guess I'm going to go call Dr. J.”