Increased salary cap in 2016-17 could present unique challenges for Hornets

The price of doing business in the NBA is set to go way up for the 2016-17 season, when the salary cap is projected to approach $90 million. On the one hand, that can be a good thing for certain teams, as it means an ability to squeeze free agents who might otherwise have been too pricey onto the increased cap sheet.

But small-market teams such as the Charlotte Hornets should beware, as the increased financial space means big, attractive markets that might have been strapped for space will be in play for free agents, as well. And there will be increased upward pressure on salaries, meaning any slight misstep could have larger ramifications.

These are concerns of which Hornets vice-chairman Curtis Polk is well aware, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“We are really assessing the other players around the league who will be free agents in the next couple of years – how their skill set and demeanor and personality and whatnot might be a good fit here in Charlotte,” Polk said.

“One plus one doesn’t necessarily equal two. You hope it equals three but sometimes it might equal zero,” he added. “There’s going to be a market for a lot of guys and you’re going to have to be selective about who fits with what your team’s culture is as well as how the team is going to play offensively and defensively.”

(h/t Charlotte Observer)

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports