If the Shoe Fits: Paul George Was Wearing the Wrong Size Shoes For Years

Paul George was wearing too small of a shoe for years before he was fitted by Nike for his signature shoe.

If the shoe fits, wear it, but perhaps you should make sure it isn’t fitting a bit too snuggly. That was the story for Indiana Pacers star Paul George, who apparently was wearing shoes a size too small.

The problem was discovered when he was getting fitted during the creation of his signature shoe, the PG1.

Brendan Dunne over at Sole Collector relayed the discovery.

Nike discovered George’s too-small shoes while creating his first signature model, the Nike PG1. According to sneaker designer Tony Hardman, who worked with him on the model, George was wearing a size 13 despite being a true 14.

“One thing we learned about him was that he was wearing a shoe that was a size too small for years,” Hardman tells Sole Collector. “He was smashing his toes, and it was hurting.”

After measuring his foot at the Nike Sports Research Lab at the brand’s world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, the design team tried to persuade him to go a full size up, but George stopped at a 13.5. The snug fit he prefers informed his new signature model, which has a strap that allows for a locked-down feel.

It seems strange for an NBA player to not have the perfect fit for their shoes, but judging from the features on the PG1, George likes a tight and snug feel to his. Combine that with PG getting used to that feel and our general human nature to sometimes not question these sort of things, and you end up with the situation George was in.

Hopefully now, with the right size shoe, George keeps healthy and is more comfortable on the court.

According to Sneaker News, the PG1s will be available on March 3rd.

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