Howard sinks free throws in warmups –€” proves himself to empty arena

Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard can hit free throws, but only in practice.

Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images

Dwight Howard is known the world over for being a miserable free-throw shooter. The 6-foot-11 center sports a career .576 FT%. That’s a fail in anyone’s book, except my very generous 7th grade math teacher.

In fact, he is so bad that teams will routinely foul him on purpose rather than actually trying to play defense — because the best defense late in ganmes can be a good, hard foul on a terrible free-throw shooter.

However, despite his propensity for clanking 15-footers off the rim while unguarded in games, there have been murmurs around the league that Howard is actually a decent free-throw shooter in practice.

And now we have proof.

This video, sent in to The Starters, shows Howard sinking 18-of-20 free throws in warmups before a game. Maybe this was a fluke and the cameraman just happened to catch Howard at his best — he sinks 10 straight at one point — or maybe, just maybe he’s not that bad after all. He does make it look rather easy. Maybe the fewer fannies in the seats, the better he shoots. In which case, for his own sake, the Rockets should trade him to Milwaukee or Miami.

The only thing this does prove is that whatever is causing him to shoot so poorly from the line — it’s all in his head.