How the Philadelphia 76ers Draft Improves With Recent Slide

The Philadelphia 76ers draft has improved as the team slides further in the NBA standings.

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a bit of a slump right now. You see, the team has become rather protective of star center Joel Embiid.  And so, as quickly as the burst of wins arrived, it has faded away.  You see, Joel Embiid has played just once in the past ten games.  In that span, the team is just three wins and seven losses.  But there is an equal and opposite reaction in the 76ers draft status.

It seems that the 76ers may be justifying restricting Joel Embiid for that dark and nefarious objective – optimizing the team’s 2017 NBA Draft picks.  We’d pointed out that the Philadelphia 76ers recent success streak would not damage the team’s 2017 NBA Draft.  The team has the rights to swap with the Sacramento Kings and the chance at a Los Angeles Laker’s first round pick.  In the end, the 2017 draft is loaded with talent so that two picks from the top ten seem awfully… lucrative.

@27th Spot

Right now, the 76ers sit as the 27th ranked team of the NBA.  As such, the Philadelphia 76ers hold a 37.8 percent chance of getting a top three pick on their own.  Just a week ago, the odds were just 15 percent.  Those odds, meant to “disincentivize” an NBA team from attempting to lose all their games, works to add incentive for multiple teams to stay close to the bottom.

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And so, the Los Angeles Lakers remain at the 28th ranked spot in the NBA, and the Sacramento Kings are tied for the the 24th spot, the Philadelphia 76ers have the following chances for picking in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft (keep in mind that as soon as games are played, odds go up or down conversely to success of team)
(Also note the change in probability from just a week ago):

PHILADELPHIA 76ers 2017 NBA DRAFT MATRIX (as of February 7, 2017)

  • POSITION  PICK ONE                       PICK TWO (Lakers Pick)
  • First             16.2%  (+10.8%)            (Protected)
  • Second        17.5%  (+11.3%)            (Protected)
  • Third            19.1% (+11.7%)             (Protected)
  • Fourth            9.9%  (+ 9.9%)                22.6%
  • Fifth              35.1%  (+35.1%)              26.5%
  • Sixth              16.0% (+16.0%)                 4.0%
  • Seventh           1.2%(- 58.7%)              None
  • Eighth               0.0% (-23.2% )             None
  • Ninth                 0.0% (-1.8%)                None
  • Tenth                 None                             None

As you can see by the matrix above, the Philadelphia 76ers have improved their odds as well as their slots.

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If the season were to end today, the 76ers would be picking in the  Keep in mind that the Lakers pick is totally separate from pick one. The 76ers WILL PICK in round one. The odds in pick two is simply the chances of picking a second time in the round. Conceivably, the 76ers can use the Lakers pick before selecting with their own pick.

Now, how will the team spend the picks? We’ll let you decide.

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