The Russell Westbrook – Chris Paul trade is panning out perfectly for the Rockets

It’s Russell Westbrook’s world. We’re all just living in it.

Well, it’s at least his month.

The Houston Rockets landed Westbrook in a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder this offseason, shipping Chris Paul out of town. And during the first half of the season, there were some feelings that OKC – despite acquiring the older point guard – actually won the trade.

And yes, at age 34, Paul is having a truly remarkable season.

But he isn’t doing this.

And while this only equals two points, this has been exactly what the Rockets need to become the scariest team in the Western Conference.

With Paul, they were great. With Russ, they are a nightmare.

Westbrook continued his torrid streak of dominance on Sunday in Boston in a win over the Celtics.

More than his stats, it’s the grit that he brings to the court that seems to be pushing the Rockets to new heights.

It’s actually 10-2 since the Capela trade.

Houston takes on New York on Monday, so is it safe to say it will be 11-2?

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We think that means yes.

Now, the Rockets didn’t make things easy on themselves last night. They took the scenic route to defeating Boston, almost blowing a 17-point lead.

But all it did was cue up the Brodie to deliver some off-court dimes as well.

We’re really into Westbrook right now, and we’re more into his connection with James Harden.

Not only do they share a brotherly bond, but Westbrook takes mounds of pressure off of Harden to score upwards of 40 every night.

You see?

Do you see?!

The Houston-OKC trade wasn’t about who got the better player. It was about what team created a brighter future.

And for Houston, the relationship between their top star – Harden – and their second star – in this case, Westbrook – is vital.

The vitals say this duo is functioning at an all-time level.