Watch James Harden shatter Ricky Rubio’s poor ankles

James Harden is an unforgiving basketball hurricane right now.

Thomas Shea/Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

What evidence do we have that James Harden is more "unforgiving hurricane" than "merciful human being?" Oh, not much…besides this humilating/brilliant clip of him dropping poor Ricky Rubio with a blink-and-you’re-unconscious crossover. 

Just look at this thing! The degree of difficulty is unfathomable. Not only does Harden make a quality defender go numb below the waist, but he then has the presence of mind to vault back two feet behind the three-point line for an off-balance buzzer-beater. How many players can do this move in an empty gym, with nobody watching or trying to guard them? Like, six?

We dare you not to watch this 8,000 times in a row, as impossible as that sounds.

(h/t: SB Nation)