James Harden taking talents to music

After coming off the best statistical season of his career, and scoring an $80 million contract extension with the Houston Rockets, James Harden is deciding to see if his talents can translate into music.

This isn’t your typical Metta World Peace rapping about saving the world from mental pain and spreading peace.

Oh, no. It’s different. In fact, it’s not even rap.

Harden is deciding to go with a more mellow touch and take the R&B genre by storm. He’s talking to the ladies. The guy has got some vocals, too.

Well…not really, but you be the judge:



Some of his fans seem to have his back though according to Twitter. He must’ve heard some type of talent behind the screeching:



Harden must’ve really been feeling himself when he called out Kendrick Lamar, who’s sitting close to the top of the rap game right now:



Somebody should tell Harden to lay off the Wheaties a bit. Unless Kendrick is willing to do a song with him…but I would say just lay off the Wheaties.

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