Heat have reportedly contacted the NBA to complain about lack of foul calls


The Heat have contacted the NBA to complain about a lack of calls they're getting from officials, according to a report from the Palm Beach Post.

The team is specifically concerned over referees swallowing their whistle when players drive to the basket, and the data seems to show that Miami may have a point.

Although the Heat lead the NBA in drives, averaging 38.7 per game, they are getting a foul called an NBA low 8.5 percent of those drives.

Miami is 27th out of 30 teams in free throw attempts with 19.7 per game.

When players miss shots on drives to the basket, it doesn't automatically mean that it was because illegal contact was made. But Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra simply wants the referees to call something when there is obvious contact on plays in the paint.

“I just want us to continue to play to that identity, being aggressive, being an attack team, being physical, putting the ball on the floor,” he said. “I liked our team’s attacks (in a 93-90 loss to Atlanta on Tuesday) where we had some absolute assaults on the rim and it’s either a call or no call but it’s a decision the official has to make because there is contact.”

Teams regularly communicate with the league office over matters of officiating, and the numbers here do seem to be a bit skewed. A Heat team that's just 3-8 on the season is simply looking for any advantage it can get.