Heat fans burn Dwyane Wade’s jersey after he commits to join Bulls

"Miami-Wade County" is no longer. 

Wade’s 13-year career in Miami came to a close Wednesday evening when the Heat shooting guard announced his intention to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls on a two-year deal reportedly worth $47.5 million, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski.

The announcement came after a week of intrigue and vague signaling from Wade. 

He was active on social media, SnapChatting his reaction to the Warriors coming to terms with Kevin Durant and tweeting a strange message that appeared to be about Durant’s situation, but may have indicated more.

But through it all, the belief in Miami is that this was Wade being Wade: stirring the pot a bit, as he always does when his contract comes around, but ultimately coming back to Miami.

So when news broke that Wade was actually out the door, Miami fans went into full robe-tearing hysterics—standard in sports fan grieving, but shocking to see directed at a player they’d loved for more than a decade.

Jerseys were burned:

Good riddances issued:

Hassan Whiteside was even confused:

Also, rest in peace to the mentions of Dan Wade, a Minnesota Twins beat writer, who has the unfortunate distinction of possessing the handle "@Dwade" on this night of nights.

Of course, not everyone sees Wade returning to his childhood home to play his final, twilight years of basketball as a Benedict Arnold move.

I just hope you’re feeling better now, Miami. I hope you got that all out.

Because, barring Hassan Whiteside renegging on his re-up with Miami, you still have a young, talented team, and now the cap space to pursue another big name talent—a talent that may or may not be on the table now thanks to a recent reorganizing of the Western Conference. 

This guy ring any bells?

It could happen, Miami.

Dan is on Twitter. Westbrook to Miami or what’s the point?