Hawks’ Thabo Sefolosha at center of debate on race and police as activists speak out

Atlanta Hawks wing Thabo Sefolosha isn't from the United States — he was born in Switzerland — but he's found himself embroiled in the conversation on race and police in this country thanks to the arrest and subsequent injury that Sefolosha says was caused by the New York Police Department.

Sefolosha has been careful not to say anything that could interfere with any potential investigation or action against the NYPD, but Atlanta activists have spoken up on his behalf, according to NewsOK.com:

“From what we can tell there’s no other reason that he was singled out but race,” the website quoted Atlanta activist Aurielle Marie, co-founder of #BiggerThanUs. “I think the reason this case hasn’t received more attention is because there’s no other component to talk about and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.”

“People are starting to become numb,” Atlanta social justice activist Marcus Coleman added. “They want to see some accountability for once.”

(h/t NewsOK.com)

Photo Credit: Brad Penner/USA Today Sports