Harrison Barnes reflects on his awkward exit from the Warriors

When the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant, they had to say farewell to multiple members of their 73-win squad from last season. Harrison Barnes was among the costly castoffs.

Barnes’ exit was somewhat overshadowed by the hubbub surrounding Durant’s decision. And Barnes admitted it was an awkward feeling after spending the first four years of his NBA career with the Warriors, who drafted him seventh overall in 2012.

"I guess I died," Barnes told the San Jose Mercury News. "Dwight trade rumors. Kevin Love trade rumors. Kevin Durant … oh, that one happened. There’s been a few instances where you consider what might happen. I was just more so glad to be there as long as I was."

Klay Thompson (left) and Harrison Barnes

Just a few weeks later, Barnes has reunited with former Warriors teammate Klay Thompson at Team USA Olympics practice. Although that duo has shared some laughs, there is a sense that Barnes wasn’t comfortable with how it ended in Golden State. From the Mercury News:

Maybe that is frustration beneath the surface. Because Barnes didn’t go out with a bang. He said goodbye on a bad note, missing 27 of his last 32 shots in the NBA Finals, a healthy hand in the Warriors’ historic choke job. He knows that is what people will remember. Not his defensive versatility that helped make the Death Lineup dominant. Nor how he improved his 3-point shooting to help spread the floor. Nor the big games where he did come through.

Don’t feel too sorry for Barnes, however. He inked a four-year, $94.4 million deal with the Mavericks in Dallas, where he’ll be teamed with fellow former Warrior Andrew Bogut.