Golden State Warriors: Time off allows for reset

The Golden State Warriors having three days off has come at the perfect time for the team.

The NBA season can be a tiring process. With 82 games and a season that stretches from October to April, it can wear down the players. For the Golden State Warriors, their stretch of the season has been running from October to June. That means the team is in a constant grind for a majority of the year without any real time off.

So when the team can get a break in the schedule where they can get two to three days off, it serves as a benefit. Saturday night’s loss in Sacramento doesn’t hurt the team in the long run but it was a frustrating one.

The Warriors had their chances to win, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant let their emotions get the better of them on the bench and Steve Kerr was ejected for blowing up on officials. While there’s nothing to see there, it just shows that the long stretches of the season take its toll on everyone.

The Warriors have the All-Star Break coming up and while their big four is going, it’s still nice to get away from the regular season. That’s going to allow them to recharge the batteries and get right for their push to the playoffs and hopefully another championship.

Before they play the Chicago Bulls at home on Wednesday night, the Warriors will be coming off of three days rest. Being mentally right is just as important as being physically right for this stretch run to the All-Star Break and after the Sacramento game, it’s much needed.

The team can now focus on getting back on the winning side of things and putting together one of those classic blowout victories on national television. Stephen Curry will have plenty of motivation after missing the layup against the Kings and that typically means he will follow it up with a big game. This is a minor reset compared to the upcoming break, but it’s a beneficial one.

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