Kerr takes another shot at ‘old-time players’ over Curry criticism

Steve Kerr has Stephen Curry's back.

Kyle Terada/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Oscar Robertson.

The NBA legend is just getting abused like … well, like he said his contemporaries would’ve done to Steph Curry.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr ridiculed Robertson’s claims earlier this week and took another shot at the Big O on Saturday, after Curry stunned the Thunder with a game-winner from well beyond 30 feet.

Asked how the Thunder should’ve guarded Curry, Kerr responded "You guys should ask some of the old-time players, they have a better idea of how to guard Steph than the new coaches do. All of us new coaches have no idea what we’re doing."

Kerr is making a habit of sticking up for his star. After Damian Lillard dropped 51 on Curry earlier this month, Kerr said the Portland star "looked like Steph Curry out there."

If Curry is becoming everyone’s new favorite player, "Kerry" has gotta be the new favorite coach. Fearless and dropping bombs from everywhere.