Reigning MVP Stephen Curry is not a top-5 player in NBA Live 16

Sports video game ratings are supposed to be subjective and controversial. That’s part of the fun. But there also supposed to be somewhat realistic — it’s virtual reality! — or at least attempt to. No one would be an NBA video game that had Anthony Bennett as its best player … or would they?

When NBA 2K16’s player ratings came out, some people had issues with how low Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin were. For the most part, though, the top 10 seemed right. It was about the order one would expect, give or take a player here or there.

NBA Live 16 recently released it’s ratings, however, and one rating stood out immediately: Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry’s.

Curry — the 2014-15 MVP and champion — is tied for eighth-best player in the game. Eighth (!). That’s just difficult to fathom. What? How?

Here is a list of the top 11:

1. LeBron James – 97

2. Kevin Durant – 96

3 (tie). Anthony Davis – 95

3 (tie). Marc Gasol – 95

3 (tie). Blake Griffin – 95

3 (tie). James Harden – 95

3 (tie). Chris Paul – 95

8 (tie). LaMarcus Aldridge – 94

8 (tie). DeMarcus Cousins – 94

8 (tie). Stephen Curry – 94

8 (tie). Russell Westbrook – 94

With no disrespect meant to the players above him, it’s tough to say Kevin Durant, Marc Gasol, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are better than Curry. Durant and Paul may be equals to him, with Griffin a smidge behind them, but even that’s somewhat of a stretch. To say he’s on the same level as LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMarcus Cousins — two of the top-5 big men in the game, of course — is somewhat disrespectful to the MVP.

Outside of LeBron James, who is rightfully ranked No. 1, Curry is the king of the NBA right now, the clear-cut No. 2. Cases can be made for Anthony Davis and James Harden, but that’s about it. Curry outperformed Harden in the Western Conference finals, and Davis earlier in the first round.

Until proven otherwise, he’s the better player.

(h/t DIME)