Warriors’ title hopes hinge on Draymond Green — not Steph Curry

Draymond Green is second in the NBA with 13 technical fouls.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

For the Warriors, you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to Draymond Green.

At one moment the versatile forward is arguably the most indispensable member of a team that appears to be headed to a second straight title. The next moment you’re wondering whether Green is too caught up with himself for the Warriors’ own good.

The latest sighting of Mean Green came Saturday when he went on an expletive-filled tirade in the locker room at halftime of the Warriors’ 121-118 overtime win over the Thunder. Green reportedly cursed at head coach Steve Kerr and was threatening not to come back out to play in the second half.

Green apologized, but this isn’t the first time this season he put himself ahead of the team. He admitted to stat chasing when the Warriors almost did the unthinkable — lose to the 76ers earlier this season.

Green is the only loose cannon on a team comprised mostly of choir boys, led by reigning MVP Steph Curry. The baby-faced assassin has turned the NBA world on its head and redefined what is considered a good shot.

Taking a 30-plus footer with ample time left on the clock is unconscionable for anyone else in the world except for Curry. He’s made the "logo shot" a thing this season.

So was anyone surprised when Curry pulled up from 32 feet Saturday night with seconds left on the clock and promptly nailed the most memorable shot of his career? You should expect it at this point.

And that’s exactly the point. Even the Warriors’ twitter account has popularized the hashtag StephGonnaSteph. We know exactly what we’re gonna get from him.

Green is the wild card. He’s the Dennis Rodman of this historic squad — only a more talented version of The Worm. It’s only fitting since Rodman was part of the 72-10 Bulls team the Warriors are chasing.

Green, who is second in the league in technical fouls with 13, can impact a game with his passing, rebounding and defense. He’s having his second straight career year, setting personal highs in scoring, rebounding and assists. And of course he shoots 40 percent from deep because it’s almost expected if you’re part of this Warriors squad.

Green is the glue of this basketball juggernaut, but what happens if the adhesive starts to crack? It didn’t affect the Warriors on Saturday. The team had arguably its most impressive performance in a game that appeared to be all but lost.

But could a Green meltdown derail the Warriors when it matters most? Only time will tell.

Keeping Draymond Green happy could be the key to the Warriors repeating.