WATCH: New Stephen Curry commercial features Damian Lillard’s hit song

Damian Lillard (left) proves his rapping skills in Steph Curry's new commercial.

Cary Edmondson/Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry seems to be in every commercial lately. In his most recent ad for JBL, Curry lights up a boring pick-up game — literally.

The pick-up game starts off in black and white before Curry enters the gym and places JBL Pulse 2 speakers all around the court. Once the music starts, Curry is in color and his play — whether through passing or just being around his defender — turns everything else bright and colorful.

Then, the music changes from an upbeat, folksy tune to Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard’s (aka Dame DOLLA) rap song, "Bigger Than Us." 

Lillard famously started 4-bar Fridays, and is now transitioning into actual songs and mixtapes. Earning a national spot like this will certainly boost Lillard’s brand, and he deserves it with all the time and effort he’s put in. The song just sounds good, too.

Watch the 90-second spot below:

(h/t Sports Illustrated)